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Established in 1921, the Washington Heights and Inwood Chamber of Commerce’s mission is to support and foster an environment for economic development, stimulate and support local businesses and to establish proactive cross sector partnerships with government and community organizations. In doing so, CCWaHI seeks to create a strong, vibrant local economy and to improve the overall quality of life for the entire Washington Heights and Inwood community.

The Chamber counts with a diverse membership comprised of small and mid-size business, corporations, academic and cultural institutions and community-based organizations that serve to provide a solid foundation for the economic and culturally diverse business environment and community quality of life.  As such, the CCWaHI wad the thriving force in helping to establish business organizations such as the 181st Business Improvement District and the Washington Heights and Inwood Loal Development Corporation. Presently, the CCWaHI is working with local stakeholders to establish the Lower Broadway Business Improvement District to further address the economic development needs of the business and local community. The CCWaHI’s goal is to make WAshignton Height and Inwood a better place in which to live and conduct



Chamber of Commerce of Washington Heights and Inwood, Inc. Mission Statement

The Chamber of Commerce of Washington Heights and Inwood works for economic development and community growth by:


  • ü Involving membership in new City, State and Federal initiatives for community revitalization.
  • ü Participating in community collaborations with law enforcement efforts in crime prevention.
  • ü Gathering and maintaining a repository of information useful to our members,
  • ü Conducting events and forums where noteworthy speakers discuss relevant topics,
  • ü Advocating for an attractive environment, Sponsoring workshops on subjects of interest to members, representing the organization as a member of community based organizations.
  • ü Supporting athletic and cultural events and programs involving youth and seniors, assisting in educational programs, including school-to-work transition and workforce preparation models.
  • ü And facilitating communication between the business community, government agencies and elected officials.










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